10 Tokoh Komik Cewek Paling HOT

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Catwoman ? DC Comics (1940) – A whip carrying adversary of Batman, who later decided to fight crime herself.

Wonder Woman ? DC Comics (1941) – This nutty broad had an invisible plane, indestructible bracelets and a lasso of truth making it virtually impossible to cheat on her.

Invisible Woman ? Marvel Comics (1961) ? A member of the Fantastic Four, sometimes it can be hard to see what people see in her.

Black Widow ? Marvel Comics (1964) ? This Russian babe can hypnotize you or blow your away with her weapons training, or both. Chills with Iron Man.

Vampirella ? Warren Publishing (1969) ? A female super hero who has super strength, can shape shift and is a vampire.

Power Girl ? DC Comics (1976) ? Power Girl is Superman?s first cousin.

Mystique ? Marvel Comics (1978) ? This blue, ageless shape shifter is skilled at combat and able to make Martian racists believe there is another color in the world besides green.

Elektra ? Marvel Comics (1978) ? This gal is Daredevil?s spicy little tomato. A Ninja assassin with a two bladed sai.

Rogue ? Marvel Comics (1981) ? This mutant babe is a member of the X-Men and is the love interest of Gambit.

Silk Spectre II ? DC Comics (1986) ? Silk Spectre II enjoys riding fellow Watchmen member, Dr. Manhatten.

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